Pa1X Resource Manager 1.2

XRM is a "freeware" Pc application devoted to last generation of KORG Professional Arrangers resources management: Pa1X, Pa1XPro.

It includes a powerful style database manager, offering the possibility to categorize styles for genre, author, description, etc. It is possible to make search operations (with or without data filtering), import and export single styles or set of them and create personal collections.

Unfortunately I'm not the lucky owner of a Pa1X keyboard, so I need help in test and debug it! If some of you is interested in this program and will like to help me (and, of course, the Pa1X community), just download the program, try it and send me all your feedbacks.

Thanks a lot to Olivia (aka Mozartella) for her debug efforts. This new version comes mainly from her feedbacks.

Thanks a lot to Steve Rosen and Okan Altug. They both identified and solved the problem related to styles file writing, which causes the "Not a PA formatted file" error when you try to load that file in your keyboard. Version 1.2 will come from their efforts.

Any problem will be reported inside XRM Faq and XRM Know Bugs pages.

If you are a first time XRM installer, you should download everything, then follow installations step as described here. If you already have XRM 1.0 or 1.1 and will like to go to XRM 1.2, please follow the procedure described here.


As you probably noted, XRM source code is now available. It is a Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Professional (SP4) source code, with no extra controls added. Just download the ZIP file, expand it in a folder and open the XRM.VBP project.

You are free to read and use that code with these limitations:

  1. you cannot recompile and distribute the program with another name
  2. any other software based on XRM should give a credit to XRM and should be free

Of course, source code are available without any warranty of any kind. You decide to use or not to use them, and you are the only responsable for any consequence derived from using (or from not using) the code.

Moreover, while I will try to answer to your questions about the code, I will not turn myself into your VB6 teacher: if you know how things go in VB programming, there's nothing so difficult inside the code.


 Download options 

(updated may 30, 2006)


Executable  (132 Kb)


Complete XRM Setup (10.0 Mb)

Empty database (79 Kb) XRMDataBase.ZIP
Microsoft Data Access Engine (5.1 Mb) MDAC_TYP.EXE

Source code (95 Kb)


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